How to make TopKnot bows

by Terri Shumsky

Here's how I make my double bows:

Materials needed:

1) Satin ribbon, 3/4 inch (approx) Red, Orange, or Bright Blue preferred
2) plastic barettes with metal clips (package different colors in drug stores)
or clip on metal barettes about 1 1.2" (beauty supply or craft shop)
or orthodontic latex bands Med Weight
3) Hobby Paint - the kind you use on model cars and planes
4) Sobo glue
5) glue gun
6) red or white dental floss
7) scissors
8) sprinkle glitter and pearls or stones
9) 4 #11 knitting needles
10) small hemostat
11) needle and thread
12) Spray from craft shop that makes material STIFF

If you're using the barette clips from the beauty supply, you don't have to paint them, but if you're using the plastic barettes from the drug store, you'll want to use your dremel to take off the extra "gingerbread lace stuff" and just have a "plain barrette." You can paint it then the color of your ribbons. Put all this stuff in a time you watch the've got something to do with your hands.

Cut ribbon to 8" pieces, fold in half, stitch accross about 1 1/4" down on the folded ribbon.....flatten the area that is stitched and stitch across to keep it down for your middle bow. Now fold the remaining two sides of the bow to form a second bow....stitch across....... Now take your dental floss and TIGHTLY wrap 3-5 times around the center of the bow, leaving some floss hanging (about 2") so that you can tie it tightly in a knot. Get your hemostat and puff up the bows front and back. Slide the 4 holes (bows) on the 4 #11 needles. Make as many bows as you want and keep sliding them down the knitting needles.

Spray with Craft Spray that makes ribbons stiff. After they're dry, remove them from the knitting needles....just slide them off. You can put Sobo glue (craft glue) in the center and drop glitter or a pearl or a shiny stone on them. Trim the dental floss strings and use your "glue gun" to glue them to the barette!!! ...or you can sew a latex band to the center of the back of the bow making sure that you sew it so the bow stays sideways and not "up and down."


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