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Here we have compiled a list of Breeders to help you find a responsible breeder in your area. Any breeder found to be selling puppies to puppymills, petstores, or puppybrokers, will be removed from this site. If you would like your name posted here, please read the instructions below and send in the form. If you have any problems with a breeder listed here, please let us know. Any questions, please contact Mary Elizabeth

To list your information here, please read the instructions carefully and fill out the form Here. All breeders listed here, have agreed to use this Contract when selling their puppies to protect you the buyer and the seller and agree to the Code of Ethics.

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California, Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennesse, Texas


Linda Bush of Bejaze Yorkshire Terriers
E-mail: bejaze@home.com
Homepage: http://www.bejazeyorkies.com
Southern California
I have been breeding for 12 years and have 3 - 4 litters per year, and agree to the contract.
Puppies will usually receive all vaccinations but maybe the last parvo, depending on the age of the puppy.
I am not a licensed kennel.
Retirement age for Females is 5 years, and Males 7 years.
I keep them or place them in pet homes.
My dogs are all raised in my home and the puppies are vet checked prior to going to new homes. They all go on spay/neuter contracts and limited registrations. Liver scans are done on all puppies prior to sale.

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Sheri Clark of Kahliblu Yorkshire Terriers
E-mail: sheri@weiinc.com or ctyorkie@snet.net
Old Saybrook, Ct. 06475
I am yorkie exhibitor. I am breeding for show quality pups. On occasion I may have pups available. My pups will only be adopted by the best homes, I am very particular.

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Karen L. Dent of Camelot Yorkies
E-mail: camelot@tir.com
810 797-5829
Goodrich, Michigan 48438
I have been breeding Yorkshire Terriers for 12 years.
I also have 1 Irish Wolfhound, 1 Great Dane, 1 Borzoi (all rescues) and not for breeding.
I have aproximately Five litters per year and agree to the contract.
Puppies will receive Three vaccinations before leaving.
I am not a licensed kennel.
Retirement age for Males is 9 years, and Females is 6 years, then they are spayed/neutered and some are placed in pet homes.
In addition to breeding and exhibiting Yorkies I'm a member of YTCA - and YTCA Foundation - also very active in Michigan Pure Bred Rescue.

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Barbara Bedsted of Kesar Kennel
E-mail: b.bedsted@worldnet.att.net
Stillwater, MN 55082
Have been breeding for 24 years and have an average of 7 litters per year.
I do agree to the contract.
Puppies will receive as many vaccinations as needed for the age of the pup.
I am a licensed kennel. Retirement age is 5 years and they are spayed/neutered and retire to pet homes.
Kesar Kennel is a small show/breeding kennel. All our pups are sold on spay/neuter contracts and on AKC limited registrations. Great effort is made in both getting to know the need and expectations of those inquiring about pet puppies and matching the puppy with the buyer. All puppies are a minimum of 12 weeks of age before they can leave home.

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Mary Elizabeth Dugmore of Dugmore Yorkshire Terriers
E-mail: dugmore@bellsouth.net
Homepage: http://www.YorkshireTerrier.net
615 746 4401
Nashville, Tennessee
Have been breeding for 25 years and agree to the contract.
I also have PBGV's.
There are aproximately 2 litters per year.
Puppies receive All vaccinations before leaving.
I am not a licensed kennel
Retirement age is 6 years and I keep them for life!!


Sharon Gillette of Killalea Kennel
E-mail: killalea@earthlink.net
San Antonio, TX
Have been breeding Yorkshire Terriers for 10 years.
3 to 4 litters per year, and agree to the contract.
Puppies will receive 3 combo shots plus bordatella(sp) before leaving.
The Retirement age for my dogs is 5 years old and they are then spayed and nutered and place in pet homes
I have a small show kennel. Ch. Stud service is available to approved bitches. Pet puppies are available occasionally. Retired adults are also available occasionaly. I am always trying to breed a better Yorkie. Health and soundness are of utmost importance with temperment comming in a close second.

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Van Lori's Yorkshire Terriers Joseph F. & Lorraine D. Iervolino 316 Gladstone Street Corsicana, TX 75110 (903) 872-2807 - vanlori@pflash.com Vanlori@pflash.com

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