Judging the Yorkshire Terrier

by Dottie Naegle

Photo's complements of Dottie Naegle

Photo 1 Photo #1

The Yorkie in the middle is the best example of the right Proportion.
Yorkie C is acceptable but a little short backed.
Yorkie A is too long.

Photo 2 Photo #2

Yorkie B is the best propertioned in this group of dogs.
Yorkie A is too short in leg.
And Yorkie C is too long in leg.

Photo 3 Photo #3

Yorkie B has the best ear set of these three dogs.
Yorkie A's ears are too wide spread.
And Yorkie C appears to have his ears tied up.

Photo 4 Photo #4

Yorkie A in this photo has the correct ears.
Yorkie B has rounded tips which we call Bat ears. Whatever you do stay away from this it is very hard to get rid of.
Yorkie C has a tulip ear also very hard to get rid of.

Photo 5 Photo #5

Here we are looking at head carriage and Yorkie B is correct.
Yorkie A has too short of a neck.
And Yorkie C too long of a neck.

Photo 6 Photo #6

In this set of Yorkies we are looking for a correct Topline.
Yorkie A is very roached.
Yorkie B appears to be down in the shoulder.
Yorkie C is the correct one in this photo.

Photo 7 Photo #7

Pay careful attention to muzzles.
Yorkie A is very downfaced.
Yorkie C is too short. When you get too short you get a round eye and a Pekinese mouth. Too wide a jawline and very narrow in the front.
Yorkie B has the correct muzzle.

Photo 8 Photo #8

Here we're looking at Forelegs/and Front Assembly.
Yorkie A is too wide and bulldog looking.
Yorkie C is too narrow.
Yorkie B has a nice straight and even front.

Photo 9 Photo #9

It's easy to see the colors here,
Yorkie A is too light.
Yorkie C is black.
Yorkie B has the beautiful blue coat.

Photo 10 Photo #10

Looking at the tail length here we can see that Yorkie A has the right amount of tail.
Yorkie B is too short and Yorkie C is too long.
When you're cutting a tail you should cut at the tip of the tan into the black and your tails will always be the right length. Don't get into the gold and don't get too far away from it either.

Photo 11 Photo #11

Tail Sets are so important. They should be like Yorkie C in this photo and carried at a 45degree angle.
Yorkie A has a low set tail.
Yorkie B is too "gay" pulled too far forward out of that 45degree angle.

Photo 12 Photo #12
This Photo again is on tail sets. Yorkie B is perfect.
Yorkie A is again pulling way too forward.
Yorkie C is holding his down completely.

About Dottie Naegle

Dottie Naegle

Photo by Danny Dugmore

Dottie got her first Yorkie in 1962. She had been showing Toy Poodles to that point but somewhere along the way the Yorkies became her first choice.

She showed Am. Can. BOA. Mex. Ch. Northshire's Mazel Tov to all of those championships. Quite and accomplishment! He won the 1974 Specialty in Tulsa Oklahoma from the Veterans and Stud Dog classes. He was also awarded Dog World's Canine Award of Distinction in 1973. This award is no longer being given.

She also owned Ch Northshire's Dangerous Dan who won the Delaware Valley Specialty. "Danny" won the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America's 1986 Specialty in Tulsa Oklahoma from the Stud Dog class and in 1987 & 1988 won again.

Dottie joined the Yorkshire Terrier Club in 1962 and served on the Board of Directors for several years & then served as Vice President for 10 years.

In 1988 The Kennel Club of Yorkville Illinois Inc. gave her an award for Excellence in Producing. She became a Judge in 1972 and was licensed to Judge Yorkies. She is now licensed to judge all the Toy Breeds, Standard and Minature Poodles, Standard Manchester Terriers, Toy Groups and Best in Show.

She formerly served as Judges Education Chairman for the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America and gives several seminars around the country each year.


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