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About Nonnie

First of all she did not come over steerage like so many immigrants had to come. She had a stateroom and her mother had sent a servant girl with her to take care of the two babies. And lots of bread, and cheese, and fruit in case they couldn't find food along the way! You probably know all this! She spent much of the trip taking care of the servant because she was so sick! Imagine how she must have felt having gotten through Ellis Island (I think), NOT to be met by her husband. She had to find the right train to Chicago, and all of this without English. The 8 languages she did speak were not much use unless she could find a Pole, or Russki! Then she said, she got off the train on the wrong side in Chicago, or maybe it was East Chicago, but anyway all she could see was what looked like miles of railroad tracks stretching away into the distance. And again, no husband! He was at work and had sent a neighbor to meet and take her to their new home!

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